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                      Fraport operates one of the most important aviation hubs in Europe. This successful airport management is based on many years of extensive experience in the field of airside and terminal management, ORAT (operational readiness and airport transfer), airport strategy, retail management, the operation of airport infrastructure and airport development. Furthermore, Fraport has sound expertise in the area of ground handling.

                      Fraport uses this considerable airport know-how to support and develop its subsidiaries, investments and joint ventures all over the world. Beyond that, Fraport is active in the entire international aviation industry. The company offers its expertise and resources in terms of management contracts and other consulting performances. Fraport experts are working together with local teams to plan and operate long-term infrastructure projects. One of the major tasks of these collaborations consists in transferring Fraport know-how to the local partners. Cooperative teamwork and compliance with conditions of the local market are two of the factors which are responsible for ensuring long-term economic success for all participants.

                      In each project, our airport experts offer tailored solutions, taking into account the specific challenges that our clients face in airport management. These include the preparation of operational and commercial optimization concepts, development of infrastructure and the design of master plans.

                      We would be glad to show you our international experience and to offer you our expertise.

                      Fraport AG and Gebr. Heinemann join forces to set up the subsidiary "Frankfurt Airport Retail GmbH & Co. KG"

                      Commercial Airport Management

                      Fraport offers a wide range of commercial consulting services customized to your needs.


                      Airport Planning

                      Fraport provides consulting services in the fields of Airport Master Planning, modification or re-design of airport facilities and process optimization to improve the operational efficiency of our client’s airport.


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                      Integrated Airport Operations

                      Nowadays, operational improvements often focus on one-off solutions or are based on short-term planning.


                      Airport Strategy

                      Increase of revenues, reduction of cost, optimization of supply chains and services are permanently in the focus of our executive management.

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                      Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer

                      Are you opening new airport infrastructures, such as a new terminal building, a new greenfield airport or other facilities?


                      Airport Traffic Development

                      Getting to know your customer is the baseline for any airport development.