Purchasing and Contracting

                      Contractors and suppliers of Fraport AG are working for one of the biggest job engines in the region. As a public company and an airport operator, Fraport AG is a contracting authority with privileges in the transportation sector.

                      Purchasing & Contracting

                      Licence Agreements

                      There are many possibilities to engage in commercial operations at Frankfurt Airport. A prerequisite for taking up a permanent commercial activity is a valid license agreement concluded with Fraport AG.

                      License Agreements
                      Supplies to the Airport

                      Airport Supplies

                      Airport supplies, which are not supplied by a known supplier of airport supplies, must be subjected to intensive screening. Any goods that cannot be screened at the accesses to the security restricted area shall be accompanied by security staff who will also monitor the unloading process and make sure that no prohibited articles are being introduced into the critical parts.

                      Airport Supplies

                      Airport ID Cards

                      Whoever is operating or doing business at Frankfurt Airport requires an authorization for the access by foot or vehicle to specific airport areas as well as one or more Vehicle ID Cards, as the case may be.

                      Airport Charges

                      Airport charges are fees levied for landing, take-off (including related noise and emissions) and parking of aircraft as well as for the use of passenger facilities. They are used solely to refinance airport infrastructures and the resulting operating expenses.



                      For more environmentally friendly, time-saving and more efficient handling of our invoices, we have updated our electronic invoicing for you. Our E-Billing service can be used by all Fraport AG customers free of charge.


                      Guidelines and Payment Terms

                      Here you can find our guidelines at a glance.


                      Safety Management System (SMS)

                      Fraport's Safety Management System (in short: SMS) increases the level of safety at Frankfurt Airport. The main focus lies on the safety of airport operations.